Senior Full Stack Engineer

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Ideal profile:

  • Minimum of 5 years of professional software development experience of which at least 2 years of experience with building SaaS products.
  • You are a backend-oriented engineer with at least a bit of frontend knowledge.
  • You consider yourself a “problem solver” and specific technologies are just tools for how to crack the problems. (We use Python, TypeScript, Kubernetes and we are very open to using cutting-edge technologies).
  • “Trade-off” is your favourite word and you are always eager to find the most favourable (and pragmatic) decision.
  • You love sharing your knowledge, experience, as well as random crazy ideas with other curious minds.
  • You understand the symbiotic product - engineering relationship, especially during the initial stages of a startup.

You will...

  • Have a huge impact on making important technical decisions. Our codebase is pretty new and nothing is set in stone.
  • Mentor other team members - extremely smart and enthusiastic engineers.
  • Learn how to leverage new technologies so we can move as fast as possible (we love moving fast by making wise choices, not working overtime)
  • Be the right hand to the Head of Engineering who can help you drive all the technology initiatives.
  • Do a lot of coding as well :)
  • Work closely with Founders and Product Team to build world-class software to disrupt Blue-Collar economy accommodation.


We are looking for a partner, who will help us to build a strong company. Someone, who has high standards for his own and others work. We are offering a position with potential growth to Principal Engineer.

  • As a KEY employee, you will receive a significant pool of Stock Options
  • Competitive salary
  • Full-remote, remote or on-site (Prague)