Product Manager

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Great products are made by deeply understanding what is the job the customers want to be done and what is their core pain we are trying to solve. This is the approach we have towards building our product and we are looking for someone to join our team full-time to be the driving force behind several newly emerging product initiatives.

Who you are

An experienced and self-driven product manager, who loves to work in a tandem with both designers and developers and who has experience with overseeing products from early discovery until delivery and release. You understand the weight of product discovery and of knowing the real problems the customers are trying to solve.

Just like us, you believe that understanding the underlying business as well and digging into product analytics data is important from time to time to be able to see how the customers are adopting the features the team built.

Why are we looking for a new PM?

Recently, we have built a first iteration of the software that is being tested with customers as we speak, but there is much more for us to understand, iterate and improve.

We have built several features for the demand-side of our product and we're looking to dedicate our capacity to the supply-side as well and we want a dedicated product manager to own this. (you!)

What will you do?

As a PM in Accomango, you will work to deeply understand the pains of our customers on the supply side of the market, you will translate these pains into hypotheses with designers and you will work with the engineering team to make them happen.

Based on the designs, you would then work on creating roadmaps and feature specifications for the dev team, so they can run their initiatives and so you can communicate our product intentions to our customers, leadership and investors.

That being said, you are the one if:

  • You know how to work in tandem with the product designer and development team within a product initiative and manage the scope and expectations for all stakeholders in this relationship
  • You have experience with talking to customers to understand their pains and needs and doing other kinds of customer research. You understand the value of product discovery, customer feedback to formulate the hypotheses about customer pains and jobs to be done.
  • You can boil down this research and formulate complex problems into simpler solutions
  • You are passionate about building something and seeing the real impact of your work
  • You have experience from product managing a team in a digital company, ideally for at least 2 years
  • (bonus) You are an organizational freak and love to keep your features in order in some sophisticated PM software

Who you’ll work with

Kubo, our Director of PM, will be the one you’ll be reporting to. You will be also closely working with our development team including Vojta, our Head of Engineering, talented developers William, Jakub, Petr, ... And of course, you will also be working closely together with our design team.

What's in it for you

  • Competitive salary
  • As a key employee, you will receive a pool of Stock Options
  • 4 weeks of vacation
  • Full-remote, remote or on-site (Prague)

Accomango core values

  • We know when it's important to focus and work hard to deliver 🚀
  • We love to learn. Nobody is perfect and there are many people that can teach us what we are missing.
  • We strive to deliver a delightful product for our customers while having fun during the process.
  • No hierarchy; ownership driven decision process