We can help you accommodate your employees

Accomango is the fastest way to accommodate your employees, proudly offering the best customer service in the entire Czech Republic. With just a few simple clicks in the Accomango app you can accommodate your employees in workers' lodging.

What's Accomango?

All your Hostel bookings in one Place

Reserve and edit all of your employees' accommodations in a single place with our unique app.

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Begin by completing a short questionnaire so we know exactly how to respond to your needs. This will take just a few seconds.

Based on your requirements we'll begin looking for a suitable offer of accommodation. In order to be certain that we're offering you complete, high-quality services we'll prepare a few options for your consideration.

We'll e-mail you a clearly prepared offer. You can then select the best option for your. You can edit or modify your offer at any time.

Once you're sure that you've selected an accommodation option that meets your needs, just confirm via e-mail and you're done. Your places in the lodging are reserved and everything is ready for your employees' arrival.

Easy bookings

With great design

A simple, intuitive design that makes accommodation booking for your employees as straightforward as booking a vacation. All booking data are stored to use whenever you need.

Easy bookings

Manage your bookings

Better clarity of your employee’s stays and expenses

View where your employees are currently staying and how much you are paying for their accommodation. See if you are overpaying for their accommodation.

Manage your bookings

How will I be billed?

Less work, more clarity

We'll take care of everything for you. You don't have to contact the lodging or agree on a price with them. We'll cover the cost of the accommodation and send you an invoice. You'll have everything in one place and without any worries. If your employees are accommodated in more than one place we'll combine your payments into a single invoice. We'll do our best to simplify your paperwork and payments.

How will I be billed?


All your receipts in one place

The best accommodation options for workers anywhere in the Czech Republic. Unrivalled choice with the largest accommodation inventory. All accommodation options available on the market are just a few clicks away.


Accommodation request

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You'll hear from us within 1-2 business days.